2 Gals Spill the Beans

We are two gals, born in the 1950’s.  Yep, we’ve been on the planet for over a half century and we think we have learned a thing or two along the way.  We are here to find our voice and provide an opportunity for those who are also seeking to find their own voice.

As women of a certain age we know that nothing is more important than relationships.  We are here to celebrate the relationships we already have, develop new ones, and restore and heal the brokenness of our past.

We have only 1 rule here at “2 Gals Spill the Beans”; we believe in the “Golden Rule”: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  It’s really simple, we require that everyone embrace honesty and share their truth with dignity and respect.

Please do not mistake our insight and wisdom for monotony.   We are anything but dull and boring.  We are always looking for a new adventure; blazing a new trail, leaving no stone unturned (unless, of course, there is a venomous viper under that stone- we are way too smart for that!)  We are committed to living life and living it more abundantly.  Through the grace of God, we are truly blessed.

If you ask us what our vision is; we will boldly tell you that at this point in life we realize that it is all about the journey… not the destination.  We are in the process of creating a new vision for ourselves; one which will help us recreate a life that is filled with vitality and vibrancy.  We are committed to being all we can be, for ourselves, our family, and our friends.

We know we are not alone; there are many of you out there who feel exactly like we do.   We encourage you to share your thoughts, your ideas, and your feelings.  Help us redefine the meaning of success.  Share your experiences on how you have overcome your greatest challenges and deepest sorrows.  Do you have a pearl of wisdom you want to share?  Do you have some sage advice that would help someone else?  Perhaps you have the most divine recipe or tip to make housework a snap (is that even possible?).  We all have something important to share!  You never know whose life you may be touching at any given moment in time.

There is one thing we know for sure- life is always richer when we have someone to share our challenges and our joys with.   There is a special bond within the sisterhood of our relationships with each other.  Could we do it alone; probably, but why would we want to?

“2 Gals Spill the Beans” is our courageous attempt toward dealing with life on life’s terms.  How many times have you had to struggle with the task of redefining the meaning of your life?  We’ve been there; more times than we care to remember. We are two regular gals, just like you, facing our fears and leaning on each other for guidance and support.

So are you ready to start recreating the story of your life?

Please join us and together,

“Let’s Spill the Beans”