And the Doorbell Rang

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And the Doorbell Rang

Sadie was on the phone with Marcie when the doorbell rang. She took Marcie to the door with her as she spoke to the young man standing outside the door. In a rather heartfelt tone, the young blonde shared that he had lost his Doberman dog named Coco. Sadie spoke with the man, feeling confident that Marcie was at the other end of the phone. If needed, Marcie was Sadie’s backup 911 plan. After a brief two minute conversation, Sadie closed the door, double checking that the lock had engaged. It was only 45 minutes later that she received a text message stating that a young white male was robbing houses in her neighborhood. Sadie called her next door neighbor, he called the police, and an investigation was begun.
There is a lot of power in networking with your friends and neighbors. Even so, Sadie and Marcie have decided to install new surveillance systems in their homes. For now, the doors and windows are locked and the lights are on. What a sad time we live in when we have to be suspicious about someone who may have actually lost their beloved pet.

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