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It would seem that there is yet another color that presents itself for our consideration during the month of October; and unfortunately this one is very personal for me.  Blue is the designated color for the national campaign Against Bullying.  Bullying has become a serious problem in schools throughout our nation; one which has finally gotten the attention of many adults.

My five year old grandson started his educational career last month as he walked through the doors of his new kindergarten class.  Full of excitement and yes, a little nervousness, he waved goodbye to his mom and dad, and off he went on the school bus filled with other enthusiastic five year old children.  Unfortunately, just three weeks later, my exuberant and innocent grandson was bullied by three, yes three other little boys.  They poked him in the eye, slapped him in the face and called him names.  Unbelievable, isn’t it?  My first reaction was to ask, who are these little hoodlums that attacked my sweet little boy; I need to have a talk with them.  But wiser minds prevailed and dialog ensued.  We came to the conclusion that bullying has been around since the beginning of time.  And while it is wrong, it exists and must be dealt with.  This was a lesson for my grandson in conflict resolution.  He handled himself well and his parents can be so proud of that… he must have learned about doing the right thing from them.  He told the three little bullies to stop bullying him.  And when that didn’t work, he told his teacher, who I am pleased to report took immediate action.  The bus driver was notified and she also sprang into action; she split the bullying posse up and kept a watchful and protective eye on my grandson.  The principal of the school took the three little gangsters into her office, reprimanded them, called their parents, and had them apologize to my grandson.  I am pleased to know that at least at the kindergarten level, the system worked.  As we seek to keep all our children safe, I encourage all grandparents to wear the color blue throughout the month of October and to take every opportunity to advocate for the safety and wellbeing of all children everywhere.  Bullying is not acceptable and this Grandmother says, “Not my grandchild!”  Please support your local school district’s anti-bullying campaign.



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