Dining With Yourself

DAY 44

Where and how do you eat your meals?  Do you dine alone or eat with others?  Are you in the car, in front of the TV, or do you sit at the table?  I guess what we’re asking is this: do you eat or do you dine?  Is your meal an experience you savor and enjoy or do you get it over with as soon as possible? Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Perhaps it is the perfect day for us to love ourselves by honoring the experience of nourishing our bodies.

Marcie and Sadie are going to set the table, turn on the music, and light the candles.  Marcie’s husband is sure to enjoy the dinner she has planned for him.  For those who are dining alone, it may seem out of the ordinary to do this for yourself but maybe it is time to love ourselves the way we deserve to be loved.  What do you think?

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