I Am Not Aging

I think  all women will have a moment when we’re called by the name Ma’am, and like I was , I first looked around to see who the older person they were calling ma’am only to realize I was the one they were calling Ma’am.  I could not believe how I felt, I asked myself, did I really age, do I look bad? all of these insecure thoughts came rushing in my head.  Then I thought to myself, Shit, I have grown up to the point of being called Ma’am, this is not to say that I’m now old but face it, being called Ma’am means only one thing, that hot sexy miss that I was just a few minutes ago is now a Ma’am.

Are you referred to as a lady, girl, gal , or Ma’am, and when was the first time you were asked to show your id for a senior citizen?

Share your first aging experience, We need to Embrace the moment, theirs no turning back.  Stay Healthy, Happy,  Active and maybe, just maybe we will enjoy the respect that comes with aging.




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