Like a Thief in the Night, Make that Daylight

Day 104


Like a Thief in the Night, Make that Daylight

Marcie was at her local office supply store the other day, completing a project for a local non-profit organization in her community.  Marcie is always helping someone, somewhere.  She quickly ran into the store and in her brief absence, someone went into her car and stole her laptop.  Once the shock of being victimized wore off, the gals discussed what she could do about it.  Of course, Marcie had already contacted the police, but they were not very hopeful that they would find the perpetrator.  Marcie decided to call the store and as the gals had suspected, the store had a surveillance camera.  Law enforcement has been given the video and now all Marcie can do is wait! 

We are definitely living in a world filled with people who are void of integrity.  Not only do we need to make sure our doors are locked and our alarms are set, we also have to be cognizant of what information we are putting on our electronic devices.  Marcie and Sadie have been talking for months about making their lives simpler and more peaceful.  Technology is a wonderful thing until it falls into the hands of despicable people.  The consequences of having our personal information stolen can be devastating.

Whoever took Marcie‚Äôs laptop, please return it- it is the right thing to do.  And you just never know, we may find you before you find us.

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