Losing a Pound a Day, Is That Even Possible!


Losing a Pound a Day, Is That Even Possible?

So the Gals are reviewing the many different established eating plans available. We are looking at the Mediterranean diet and Rocco DiSpirito Pound a Day diet this week.

We are quite intrigued by any eating plan that claims a pound a day weight loss. It’s philosophy is easy: calories in… calories out. Essentially you eat 800 calories for 5 days and then 1200 calories on the weekend for 2 weeks. Phase 2 moves into the Mediterranean diet. The plus to this eating plan is its focus on sustainable long term healthy eating habits which includes vegetables, fruits and lean protein and grains.

So here is what we think, we are considering doing it for one week just to see if it works. The diet includes smoothies, which we are already doing anyway, fish, salad, different veggies, and green tea with basil and lemon.

But our real focus is to shift over the Mediterranean diet. Look for Marcie’s next article on this heart healthy eating plan. We’re loving that it includes a glass of red wine.

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