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Struggles with Nicotine Addiction

Struggles with Nicotine Addiction



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The famous author, Mark Twain, once said, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”


While this quote is amusing, the fact remains that trying to quit smoking is one of the toughest things to do. I have tried and fail repeatedly. The discomfort, withdrawal symptoms, strong addiction, inertia and stepping out of the comfort zone makes this a very onerous task.


The first challenge I have is temptation. Just like people who are trying to lose weight get tempted by food, I get tempted by the idea of “relaxing”. That’s what I feel when I take a puff. That immense sense of relief and relaxation after the first puff. I know now from trying to quick for so many years that it has become more than a habit, I crave that nicotine fix, Yes, the fix, I’m a drug addict.

After a cup of coffee? That’s a habit. Taking a puff after you have a meal? That’s a habit.


Since these habits are a part of my daily activities and people by nature, are creatures of habit, I will constantly face temptation. That’s a given. I really need to break out of my usual pattern and put my big panties on and avoid temptation.



The second challenge I face are the incessant questions from well-meaning family members, friends and even strangers. For example, you may be getting nicotine gum at the store and the storeowner may ask you, “Oh! Trying to quit, are we? Good luck with that buddy!”


It gets annoying after a while. Some of your close friends may even start a pool just to see when you give up and get back to the cigarettes. It’s all funny to them. In most cases, they will be smokers too.


It’s has become a reality to me that I’m addicted to Nicotine, I have tried everything on the market and pharmaceuticals.


It’s time I take this bull by the horns and self-reflect and see why I smoke in the first Place.


I need to be honest with myself. There is usually an emotional reason.

Some people smoke because they are stressed out at work. Others smoke because the Marlboro Man looked cool once upon a time and they still think it’s cool. One of the models, David Millar, who played the Marlboro Man died of cancer. So, that pretty much says how “cool” smoking is.


You must figure out the reason for smoking and address the underlying issue or my efforts will just be exercises in futility. Once I have identified it, I then will be able to take appropriate steps to address it. If it’s stress, there are many relaxation techniques to dissipate my stress that will be helpful… and I know for sure

smoking is NOT a relaxation technique.


I will continue writing about my struggles with nicotine addiction and I ask you to feel free and to join in with me and tell your stories about quitting smoking. I’m hoping this will help us all heal with our struggles.



“Rather than you smoking a cigarette, the cigarette is really smoking you.” – Anthony Liccione


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    How many years have you been smoking?

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