The Difference Between Smoothies and Juices

DAY 62 The  difference between juice and smoothies

When we think of juices, we often think of a glass of orange juice or the traditional screwdriver or bay breeze (geesh, do you think we need to get out of the house and have a cocktail with our girlfriends?)  Smoothies make us think of drinks like milkshakes or maybe even a mudslide (again, I miss being out with the girls). 

Anyway, do you know the difference between juices and smoothies?

Sadie is a real smoothie girl… she has experimented by putting just about everything she has on hand into her blender.  Other people prefer juicing.  Let’s explore these two popular ways of drinking fruits and vegetables.

Juicing is the process of extracting the juice or liquid from fruits and vegetables. The peel and the pulp are left behind. There are many different types of extractors or juicers and you can certainly juice many foods, like oranges, by hand. Fresh juice is flavorful and nutritious.

Smoothies are made in a blender. All of the pulp and fiber is contained in your beverage. Smoothies are generally prepared with a base. You might use water, milk or even yogurt.

Both smoothies and juicing is healthy and beneficial, if you’re seeking more fiber in your diet, smoothies are the better choice – provided that you don’t pack your smoothie with sugar and other unhealthy additives.

Speaking of fiber and boosting your health, tomorrow we will take a look at how smoothies and juicing can improve your life.


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