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Week Four… The Scale Has Gone Down a Little Bit More

Week Four… The Scale Has Gone Down a Little Bit More

Each week brings with it a little more success.  I am measuring my food and tracking (journaling) my meals.  To some (initially, myself included) this may seem cumbersome and tedious; and perhaps even a little restrictive.  And yes, it does require some effort, as well as being honest with one’s self.  However, the payoff for such effort is a tremendous amount of self awareness.  My daily 30 smart points provides me with self imposed parameters which ultimately requires that I make smart food choices.  Is it easy- no… of course not; but every day is doable!  And for an up and down quitter like myself, that says a lot!  This week I discovered that Shoprite has a light 2 smart point English muffin, great for a quick after work English muffin pizza.  I also found Sonoma Jacks Swiss cheese wedges that are only 1 sp each.  When I need a salty snack I have counted out 39 pretzel sticks for 3 smart points.  I have discovered tools that have put me back in control.  What may sound like bondage to some has actually turned out to be freedom for me!

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